Annette Rivers – MBS Training and Development, LLC

October 23, 2009

Small businesses and large companies alike can benefit from ongoing training and staff development. Oftentimes companies will employ the help of established training and development companies to ensure they are on the right track. An example of a successful Business training and development company is MBS Training and Development, LLC. MBS is owned and operated by Annette Rivers, a successful corporate consultant and manager. Annette is responsible for structure and development projects of acquisition, mergers, and development. She is a public motivational speaker for business development, and an instructor for corporate level training and measurement. Annette’s specialties are contract negotiation, strategic planning, corporate training, and nonprofit program development. MBS offers training in areas of administration, board development, organization for success, and borrowed money vs given money. They offer workshops on economic development, the grant process, administrative communication, staff development, business plans, and financials. Again, this is a full service business management company. They are devoted to business training and development. Their services include client consultation, contract negotiations, private placement memorandums, private lending submissions, business plan development, strategic planning, and overall business performance. The areas of management services they offer cover financial, corporate, and training and performance management. On the development side they offer services for business plans, strategic planning, proposals, and private placement memorandums or PPM’s. The company also offers services to nonprofit organizations s well as funding. Their nonprofit services include grant proposals, grant review, 501c3, bylaws, and program development. MBS operates through non traditional funding and are able to assist companies with poor credit scores, lack of reserves, and start up businesses. Private lenders primary lending terms are usually higher interest rates and strong collateral whereas private investors are mostly equity driven. MBS will assist you with the forms that may be required by private lending sources, such as commitment fees, an executive summary, a form 1003, and an exit strategy. No matter what your specific needs are, Annette Rivers and her company will be able to assist you. On a final note, you may also be interested in MBS’s Business Symposium which includes Forum development discussions, business plan presentations, special business promotion packages, private luncheons, and key business speakers. This is an excellent opportunity to take your business to the next level in training and development. Annette Rivers has a history of providing exceptions service to small businesses and companies alike. She is in business to help you succeed and with her help, succeed you will.


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October 14, 2009

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